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Chicken or Egg, Product or Investment



Investments in new products are a challenge for investors and hard to find for inventors. The investor is looking for a completed product. The inventor is looking for funding to complete the product. The question is which comes first, the product (chicken) or the egg (funding).



The inventor will use all their resources to complete their products. Mechanical products will take time and a large amount of funding to bring that product to market. Most inventors do not have access to the amount of funding required.



The investor is looking at three criteria when it comes to new products: the product, the market and the business. The market can be evaluated by the investor. The business, most inventors will need help from the investor to build the company. The product, most investors find it hard to evaluate a product without a prototype. The investor, when it comes to mechanical products, needs to use new tools to evaluate these types of products. Unlike software, mechanical products were hard to test and evaluate without a prototype. Most investors do not know how to test new designs. They do not understand or know that mechanical products can be built and tested in digital form. CAD is where the digital product is built. There is simulation software that test the CAD design in many ways. But the investor will need to have engineers to run these simulations.



The challenge is how to bring the new ideas to market. Product development funding by the government is diminishing. Large organizations like Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV), NextGen Climate and others are only open to connected people. Some companies try to get you to give them ownership of your idea when submitting for funding, i.e. Breakthrough Energy Ventures Unsolicited Submission Policy. “3. The submission automatically becomes property of BEC and BEV and BEC and BEV may use, disclose and distribute the submission in any manner and for any purpose without compensation to you or any third party.” So what do inventors do?



The inventor must develop their product (chicken) to the level were an investor can see it. The product must be more than an idea. The product must have a defined market which will let the investor see a return on their investment. The investor must be open to fund (egg) new products that challenge their understanding. The investor must change how they evaluate new products. When it comes to mechanical products they need to do the numbers. They need to understand that new products will challenge their understanding. They need to see that to make the large returns they need to be open to new ideas and new ways to judge them.


The chicken is first but without the egg the chicken dies. Without the chicken the egg will not grow.





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