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I am challenging someone to do the numbers, prove me wrong. Is the Magnetic Renewable System a new renewable systems that changes the understanding of energy?
The Challenge

To: Number Lovers

I would like to put a challenge to people, become part of changing the World in Transportation and Electricity Generation and ending two causes of Climate Change. I am looking for people who trust the NUMBERS.

There is an energy conversion system that produces Clean Renewable Transportation and Green Renewable Electricity. People say that is impossible. But most people do not want to do the NUMBERS. NUMBERS talk bullshit walks.

The World needs to stop burning fossil fuels in Transportation and Electricity Generation. Energy is converted from one form to another, primarily through a mechanical process. The Combustion Engine and the Electric Motor are a mechanical process used in Transportation and Electricity Generation. They are both energy converting systems. The Combustion Engine is powered by Thermal Energy from the burning of fossil fuels (diesel, gasoline, & natural gas) and is used in both Transportation and Electricity Generation. The Electric Motor is powered by Electrical Energy or Kinetic Energy and is used in both Transportation and Electricity Generation. The power source dictates the use, Electrical for Transportation and Kinetic for Electricity Generation. Neither of them form Renewable Transportation.

The Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine is a mechanical energy converting system that is powered by electricity. It is used in both Transportation powered by an alternator and Electricity Generation powered by an generator. The Engine is based on turning a crankshaft a ½ stroke with the benefits from Mechanical Advantage, an 86% increase in powered using 87% less power than the Combustion Engine. The crankshaft is turned by an opposite pole electromagnet, powered by electricity, and permanent magnets moving in a lineal motion.

The Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine used the crankshaft stroke from the Combustion Engine. The force of the magnets is set by the pressure on the pistons of the Combustion Engine. To convert the pressure to force requires the use of the Mean Effective Pressure formula.


Mr. Kala Butler


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