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Company Development

Building a great company depends on the people. Without the people the best product in the World will never come to market. Sekou Industries will find those people who want to change the World.

Product Development  

The Magnetic Renewable System is that products that everyone needs who need Electricity and Transportation. The Magnetic Renewable System prototype is underdevelopment. There are three prototypes, Mag Power V6-592, Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine, Magnetic Renewable Engine and Magnetic Renewable Generator. The Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine prototype is used to work out all the technical problems. The Magnetic Renewable Engine mounted in a Ford Excursion with an Allison Transmission. The Magnetic Renewable Generator will produce 127 kW of electricity. The prototype require funding.

Sekou Industries  

Building a company is a daunting task. Building Sekou Industries starts with building the best management team. Building that management team will require help and investor. The team will be built around the CEO, which is not the inventor. The company objects are the hart of the company.

Sekou Industries has been established to develop and market commercial applications for an innovative energy system technology that is fueled by Electricity. It is an energy system that can replace the standard energy systems in Transportation and Electricity Generation. That system is called the Magnetic Renewable System. It is composed of two systems, the patented Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine and Electricity Power System; a white paper will provide detail about how the engine operates. It converts electricity into motion using Magnetic Energy. Since it does not burn any fuel it does not produce any harmful byproducts. Sekou Industries will maximize the uses of the Magnetic Renewable System.

It Is Time, Not To End Fossil Fuel Energy In Transportation And Electricity Generation But To Replace It  
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