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Dedicated To Bringing About The Greening Of The World, One Vision At A Time
Company Objectives

Sekou Industries is bringing innovation to the CleanTech Industry by providing clients with products and services that will change the way they affect the World.

This is the essence of Sekou Industries, and it is what makes us unique compared with our competitors. While much has changed over that period, this is the common denominator that unifies our organization – the promise to provide our customers with the technical information, tools and operational and advisory services necessary to help them make critical business decisions, maximize their core business processes and improve productivity. And we will continue expanding our offerings further to include knowledge-based solutions and industry insight that provide strategic benefit to our customers around the World.

Vision, Mission & Values
Sekou Industries was formed to bring the Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine to market. The company was started to complete the prototypes of the engine. The company will focus on equipment that will end the effects of climate change from the transportation industries and electricity production. Sekou Industries will grow to replace the World’s Combustion Engine in transportation and providing the World’s electricity.

Sekou Industries mission is to be an innovator in the Cleantech Industry by providing clients with products that will change the way clients use transportation and produce electricity with “THE WORLD'S FIRST TRULY CLEAN AND GREEN ENGINE”. Sekou Industries will bring credibility and reliably for the betterment of the customer, their products, and this company. We are dedicated to bringing about the greening of the World One Vision at a Time.

To help create a sense of common beliefs and behaviors, Sekou Industries colleagues focus on five fundamental shared values: Teamwork, Respect, Accountability, Integrity and Innovation. The foundation for these five values is a singular focus on our customer, representing a core value of Customers First.

Innovation in a company is challenging within the standard company structures. Sekou Industries have an R&D division, BlackMoon Engineering, which will operate more like a college campus. It will be open to inside and outside ideas. It will look for ideas witch are in the CleanTech industry. Their primary objective is to continue to develop the Magnetic Renewable System and its variations. BlackMoon will look to purchases ideas or company to bring them into the company. All ideas must go through this division for validation.

It Is Time, Not To End Fossil Fuel Energy In Transportation And Electricity Generation But To Replace It  
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