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Electrical Power Source  
Electricity Source
Electricity is a form of energy that powers the Magnetic Renewable System. The Electricity is stored in batteries and converted from the motion of the engine into Electricity by connected Alternator or Generator Head.  

The Magnetic Renewable System is the combining of two systems, the Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine and an Electrical Power System. The Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine converts electricity to Magnetic Energy to Kinetic Energy to turn a crankshaft. The Electrical Power System can be a battery, or an Alternator, or a Generator. These two systems working together will produce a renewable power source for Transportation and Electricity Generation.

  • Battery – Storage – limited supply, Initial source of energy
  • Alternator – Renewable – powers the engine
  • Generator Head – Renewable – large electricity output

  Battery   Alternator  

Maxwell’s DuraBlue® Advanced Shock and Vibration Technology is the company’s latest advance in ultracapacitor reliability and performance. It combines Maxwell’s unique dry electrode formation and manufacturing process with a patent-pending cell structure design, resulting in a significant increase in vibration immunity of as much as 300 percent and in shock immunity of as much as 400 percent versus most comparable competitive offerings. The new module will offer advanced capacitor management system options (CMS) for improved reliability as well as safety enhancements which include a redundant over-voltage alarm, while maintaining existing product life characteristics.

Features & Benefits

  • 1,000,000 duty cycles or 10 year DC life
  • 48V DC working voltage
  • Active cell balancing
  • Temperature output
  • Overvoltage outputs available High power density
  • Compact, rugged, fully enclosed splash-proof


YASA P400 Series electric motors and generators are the smallest and lightest in their class. The YASA P400 Series motor and generators are available in a range of torque and speed combinations that provide the optimum performance in different applications. Please contact us for detailed information.

Design Features

  • Best-in-class torque and power density
  • Peak power density 6.7 kW/kg
  • Oil cooled stator with optional integrated rotor air cooling
  • Enclosed (IP67) and cartridge types
  • Through-shaft mounting and stacking capability

  Generator Head      

A Smart Generator Head is a generator that converts motion (mechanical energy) into electrical power. Sources of mechanical energy include internal combustion engines and the Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine. The Smart Generator Head monitors and controls all the generator systems.

It Is Time, Not To End Fossil Fuel Energy In Transportation And Electricity Generation But To Replace It  
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