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Magnetic Renewable Engine  
Propeller Airplane Engines  

Engines that change Transportation to
Renewable Transportation which has Unlimited Range
The Magnetic Renewable System is Renewable Transportation

The Magnetic Renewable System has two variations that can be used in Transportation, the Magnetic Renewable Engine and the Magnetic Renewable Generator. The Magnetic Renewable Engine turns a wheel and propeller in water or air. The Magnetic Renewable Generator turns a generator to produce Renewable Electricity for an Electric Motor for Trains or Ships.

  Engines Specifications
  Power Rating

The Power Rating number is the torque produced by the Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine. Mag Power is another name of the Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine. The combination of the Mag Power + Torque is the naming system of the Magnetic Renewable System.


The Renewable number is the renewable energy output of the Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine powered by an alternator or generator.


The Standard number is the maximum energy output of the Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine powered by battery only.

  Magnetic Force

The Chamber Magnetic Force 3 number is the total magnetic force required for the Magnetic Chamber in the Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine. This number will set the size and electricity required of the electromagnets.

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