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Magnetic Renewable Engine  
Marine Engines
Clean Renewable Electric Transportation



All Marine Vehicles can be designed to be Renewable Electric Transportation. The vehicle will use the Magnetic Renewable Engine. The torque required for any Marine Vehicle can be coved by the list of engines below.
  • Unlimited Range
  • No Fuel Cost
  • No Emissions


Engine Specifications Engine Key
  • RENEWABLE - Electricity source is Alternator or Generator
  • STANDARD - Electricity source is battery only
  • TORQUE - Maximum torque output
  • STROKE DISTANCE - Stroke distance of the crankshaft
  • CHAMBER OUTPUT FORCE - The magnetic force needed to turn the crankshaft
  • CRANKSHAFT OUTPUT FORCE - The force produce by the crankshaft
Naming System
Mag Power V 00
  • Mag Power- Engine Name
  • V - Engine Configuration
  • 00 - Torque Rating
Renewable Rating
The Renewable Rating is the energy output of the engine after subtracting the energy required to turn the electric power source. The electric power source is an attached alternator or generator.
Standard Rating
The Standard Rating is the maximum energy output of the engine. The engine is powered by battery only.
Torque Rating
The engine is rated by the torque at 1,300 RPMs. Torque is the force produced from the crankshaft.
The Chamber# is the number of Magnetic Chamber in the engine.
Stroke Distance
The stroke distance is the distance the Magnetic Chamber and the crankshaft travel.
Chamber Output Force
The Magnetic Force is magnetic forces between the electromagnet and permanent magnet. The force moves the Magnetic Chamber and the crankshaft.
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