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Magnetic Renewable Generator  
Green Renewable Electricity Generation



The Magnetic Renewable System has a variations that can be used to produce renewable electricity, the Magnetic Renewable Generator. The Magnetic Renewable Generator turns a generator to produce Renewable Electricity.

Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine  

The Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine is the primary systems of the Magnetic Renewable System. The Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine uses a patented process (United State Patent 7,557,473), which uses magnetic forces produce by an electromagnet, to turn a crankshaft. It is not how the crankshaft is turned that is the key to the engine. It is the crankshaft being turned more efficiently, a haft stroke. The Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine turns the crankshaft using a haft stroke, which is it applies power twice every stroke. The use of a half stroke has two advantages:

  • a decrease in energy required to turn the crankshaft compared to the standard four strokes
  • an increase in power output from the crankshaft compared to the standard four strokes.

Generator Head  
The Generator Head convert the Mechanical Energy, horsepower, to Electrical Energy. subtracting horsepower from the Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine. That Electricity will be used to power the engine, recharge the Battery Bank, and provide Electricity for external use, Renewable Electricity.

Support Frame  
A steel frame, Generator Frame, supports the Magnetic Renewable Generator and all additional systems. The Generator Frame is primarily an open frame. The Open Frame is placed in an enclosed structure. The Generator Frame is designed to have panels, Close Frame, that protect the Generator from the environment.

The Generator Frame has an exoskeleton. The exoskeleton has two variations, Bottom Support Exoskeleton and Full Support Exoskeleton. The Bottom Support Exoskeleton is for transporting the generator. The Full Support Exoskeleton is for transporting and stacking the generator.

Generator Configuration  
The Magnetic Renewable Generator has five configurations called Power Banks.
  • Power Bank 1 - Open Frame
  • Power Bank 2 - Close Frame
  • Power Bank 3 - Close Frame on Trailer
  • Power Bank 4 - Open Frame in Trailer
  • Power Bank 5 - Open Frame in Shipping Container


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