About Us


Our Story

Sekou Industries will lead the world in transiting the world to clean renewable energy that will help mitigate climate change.  The MECREGEN is a renewable energy system that was developed to begin clean renewable transportation and clean renewable electricity for the world.  Sekou Industries is the manufacturer of all the MECREGEN variations.  Some of the variations will not be sold, they will be transferred to other subsidiaries.  Most of the MECREGEN Renewable Generators will not be sold for commercial use.   Sekou Industries will transfer the generators to Sekou Energy.   The MECREGEN Renewable Engine that is sized for semi-trucks will not be sold but transferred to MECEGEN Truck and those trucks will be transferred to BlackEnergy Trucking.  

Our business objective is to maximize the world’s transition to clean renewable energy.  Placing the MECREGEN in long-term markets.

What We Offer

We Design Most Systems

We use our R&D company to design and development most of the parts we manufacture.

We Manufacture 90% In House

This is for quality control and cost control. This allows the company to have quality control. Also, control the manufacturing cost of the parts.

We Deliver Best Output​

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We Provide the Best Products in Industry​

We are power the World with Clean Renewable Energy